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Aekay Funny Life Jokes Episode One

Hello Guys, Aekay Funny Life Jokes Episode One is now ready for you to enjoy. Kindly Read the 3 jokes of the day and laugh beyond assumption. AfricanBlog brightens your day with smile.

Aekay Funny Life Jokes-Lie Detector Robot Story

Aekay went to the market and bought a Lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie. He decided to test it at dinner: …
Aekay : Son where were you today during school hours?
SON : At school (robot slaps the Son and he immediately changes his mind) Okay I went to the movies!
Aekay : Which movies?
SON : Rayuwar Masoya(robot slaps Son again!) Okay I was watching p*rn.
Aekay : What? When I was your age I didn’t even know p*rn! (robot slaps Aekay)
MUM : hahahahaha! After all he is your Son! (robot gives Mum a hot slap)
(Aekay fainted)

The Bravest Man-Funny Life Jokes

One day, a king gathered a party to look for the bravest man who will marry His daughter. He invited all the men and elders in the land and told them that the person to swim across the pool with alligators gets my daughter or 5 million Dollar. Suddenly, Aekay was swimming very fast across the pool. He successfully made it through.
KING: Wow! Congratulations The Bravest Man, what do you want, 5million Naira or my daughter.
AEKAY: Sir with all due respect I want nothing of yours. All I want to know is the person who pushed me in the pool.

Aekay Jokes Nice Taste

Aekay enter into a pharmacy, And reaches into his pocket and takes out a small bottle and a tea spoon. He pours some liquid onto the tea spoon and offers it to the chemist’s assistant, “Could you taste this please?” He asked. The Chemist assistant takes the tea spoon, put it in his mouth, swills the liquid and swallows it. He asked “Does it taste sweet?” .  He answered “No, not at all” . “Excellent!” says Aekay “The doctor sent me to come here and get my urine tested for sugar.”

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