Top 10 Arewa Musicians

Are You here to know the top 10 young arewa musicians?, If yes then you are in the right place.

Likewise, In this article we are going to see  the top 10 young Arewa musicians. Furthermore, They are doing well over the country Nigeria and also the African countries in general. For Example, Libya, Niger, South africa and Others.

Therefore, People have being asking so many questions realated to hausa musicians. For Instance, who is the best hausa musician in nigeria 2020? list of hausa musicians? top 10 hausa musicians? Finally, Your questions have being answered @ AfricanBlog.

Top 10 Young Arewa Musicians 2021

Below is the list of the best 10 musicians from nothern part of Nigeria popularly known as Arewa

#1 Hamisu Breaker Dorayi

Hamisu Breaker is a 26 year old young Nigerian from the North(Arewa). Hamisu Breaker is the most famous and popular singer In Nigeria, Niger, mali, south africa, Saudi Arabia, and many more countries more especially african countries. Furthermore, He is the best among the best singers of arewa. Likewise, Hamisu Breaker is the singer of Jaruma also known as Jarumar mata, Hamra, shinfidar fuska and many more…

Rank: 1st

Instagram Handle: hamisu_breaker_dorayi

Youtube Channel: Hamisu Breaker

Popular Songs For Example; Jaruma, Shinfidar Fuska, Kalmar so, Hamra, Dafin So .

#2. Isah Ayagi


Rank: 2nd Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: isah_ayagi_

Youtube Channel: Isah Ayagi

Popular Songs For Instace; Maryama, Kaddarar So, Tambaya, Matsalar So.

#3. Abdul D One

Rank: 3rd Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: realabdul__done

Youtube Channel: Abdul D One

Popular Songs; Zarah, Shalele Na, Ko Za a Fasa.

#4. Ado Gwanja


Rank: 4th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: adogwanja

Youtube Channel: Ado Gwanja

Popular Songs: Kujerar Tsakar Gida.

#5. Garzali Miko


Rank: 5th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: garzalimiko

Youtube Channel: Garzali Miko

Popular Songs: Fatima, Baby, Ruwan Zuma, So Na Amana.

#6. halifa Sk Dorayi


Rank: 6th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: halifa_sk_dorayi

Youtube Channel: Halifa Sk

Popular Songs: Rakiyar So, Bakon Yanayi, Mami, Alkwari.

#7. Salim Smart


Rank: 7th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: salimsmart1

Youtube Channel: Salim Smart

Popular Songs: Zo Mu Sasanta, Menene So.

#8. Salisu Yaro Mewaka


Rank: 8th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: salisu_yaro_mewaka

Youtube Channel: Salisu Yaro

Popular Songs: Rige-Rige, Fagen Dadi.

#9. Namenj


Rank: 9th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: namenj

Youtube Channel: Namenj

Popular Songs: Fatana, Aure, Rayuwata, Dama.

#10. Yamu Baba


Rank: 10th Best Arewa Musician

Instagram Handle: real_yamubaba

Youtube Channel: 3sp TV

Popular Songs: Sambissa

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