Halifa Sk Popular Songs

Halifa Sk Popular Songs 2021 [MUSIC]

In this article, we are going to see the Top 5 Halifa Sk Popular Songs 2021. Actually, Halifa Sk is a very Young talented Nigerian Hausa Musician. After That, He is also among The top 10 arewa musicians with huge fans over the country.

Similarly, Halifa Sk is a Stylish Artist, Great musicianship, play with confidence and vocally He have a really good tone. Halifa Sk is a friend and also a brother to Hamisu Breaker Dorayi. In addition, Halifa Sk Collaborated with Hamisu Breaker in Mami mp3 Track.

Best Of Halifa Sk 2021

In short, Below is the list of halifa sk most popular tracks;

  1. Rakiyar So Mp3.
  2. Zainabu Abu Mp3.
  3. Ambato Mp3.
  4. Menene na Damuwa.
  5. Tauraruwa Mp3.
  6. Bani Dama Mp3.
  7. Tsohuwar Budurwata.
  8. Sai Da So MP3.
  9. Nayo Alkawari Mp3.
  10. Kallo Daya.

Basically, the above list contains all the 10 popular songs by halifa sk. The best among list is Rakiyar So Mp3 Video which has 314k views in a year. Halifa Sk Popular Songs of 2021 are actually Heart Touching and Loving.

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