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5 Popular Kannywood Actress That Are Not Married

Hello Guys, In this article we are going to see the 5 popular kannywood actress that are not married. Almost Everybody is aware that alot of kannywood actress are above 30-35 years old. In truth, It’s not there will but Allah’s Will. Specifically, In this short article we will surely list them below

The List Of 5 Kannywood Actress That Are Not Married

Basically, Below is the list of 5 kannywood actress;

  1. Hadiza Aliyu Gabon: She is the Oldest among the five listed and still not married with the age of about 35 years.
  2. Nafisa Abdullahi: Nafisa is the second among the list and also not married.
  3. Fati Washa: Indeed, she’s the most popular among the five of them and also Unmarried.
  4. Rahama Sadau: She’s the best among the best kannywood actress and unmarried.
  5. Hafsat Idris: popularly known as “Barauniya” The golden star of the time. Barauniya was married before and has about 3 to 5 children. Barauniya as of today she’s not married.

In fact, It is obvious that We have seen the 5 popular kannywood actress that are not married. And we do Pray for all of them to get husbands very soon. Thanks for reading and come back for more. Check out for Hamisu Breaker New Album Alkhairi.

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