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The Transforming Nigerian Youths Program is a FREE Program for every young Nigerian with a desire to nurture their dreams, turn that business idea into reality, create jobs and for those who already have an existing business.


About The Program

Oxfam believes SMEs have the potential to contribute to sustainable growth through increased employment, higher income and relevant products and services for people living in poverty, particularly small holder farmers, youth and women.

To help SMEs live up to their potential, we know they need more than capital alone. Hence, Oxfam provides tailor made business development services to support SMEs in Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda and Vietnam. We select businesses based on an assessment of their plans and financial potential and on the social impact that they expect to deliver for their community. To ensure businesses deliver on the latter, social impact is monitored consistently from the start and measured over a period of time.

We expect entrepreneurs to contribute to the costs of the business development support to some extent.


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