Justice For 42 People Who Burnt Alive In Sokoto

About 42 people on a journey were killed and burned beyond bones in Sokoto state. This is an atrocity that could have prompted outrage and utter condemnation of the failure of our leaders but we all are silent.


I buzz on Arewa leaders, youths, celebrities, and influencers. This is the time to use your voice, energy and advantages to lamb this barbaric and massacring nightmare in the North.

You don’t have to keep quiet at this crucial time where innocent people are being wasted and disposed of.

It could be me. It could be you. It could be your family and loved ones. Anybody can fall victim to this disastrous practice in our dear nation.


Envision yourself getting a call that your loved one is among the passengers that were murdered and roasted? Or you were among those passengers. How would your family receive the news? What about being kidnapped on the highway and millions of naira demanded from your family who barely eat two square meals a day? What about the noble villagers whose farms and settlements were ravaged? What about waking up one day and discovering that your son/daughter/niece/nephew/cousin is missing and don’t know their whereabouts? Have you ever viewed yourself as Hanifa’s parent? What about living in an unknown jungle and cave where your mission from home was just to travel? Have you ever thought of how many innocent men, women and children are kept captive? How many are being butchered every single day because they couldn’t meet up with their captor’s demands?

Have you ever pictured yourself in this FRAME?

Should we wait until we become victims before we believe this is real? Should we wait until our loved ones are victims before we lend our voice?


Have we now accepted to be prey in the hand of the evil ones? To devour us like rabid dogs thirsty for flesh?

Justice for 42 people who burnt alive by bandits

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