[Breaking] Paul and Peter Okoye Reunited again as P-squre

The musical twin brothers who formed P-Square, one of Africa’s best known Afrobeats, have decided to put an end to years of controversy


Nigerian musical duo Peter and Paul Okoye broke up after a family feud and finally separated in 2017.

They celebrated their 40th birthday together on Thursday and announced to their Instagram followers that they had met.


In 2015, P-Square was named Artist of the year by MTV Africa.

It’s unclear if the brothers will release a new song together, but fans who cheered the prospect are hoping it will happen.

They can’t wait to hear more hits like,


Do Me, Chop My Money and Bizzybody,

Which catapulted the couple to fame across the continent and beyond.

The exact cause of the decline has not been announced, but previous attempts to unite them,

Including politicians, religious leaders and other prominent figures, have failed.

Several posts on social media that reported after the split point to a quarrel with their wife and brothers, who are their managers.

But in an Instagram post on Thursday, Peter and Paul said, “Two heads are better than one head.”

It was previously reported that the two will end their line after following each other on Instagram.

Then, on Wednesday, a video of them hugging went viral.

After the breakup, everyone had Mr. they started their solo career with Mr P (Peter) and Rudeboy (Paul), but never got to the completion stage where he ended up as P-Square.

As a duo, they dominated the Nigerian music scene for many years,

and were one of the first groups to export Afrobeat to other parts of Africa.

Their live shows shines brightly with relaxing dance moves.

They are also collaborate with artists such as,

Tanzania Diamond Platinums and

American superstar Akon.

They also signed with

“Akons Konvict Muzik label” in 2011 and a year later,

In addition, they also signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group.

Further more, to being named 10th Artist of the Year 2015 by MTV Africa,

They have also won Best Team three times.

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