[JOKE] War Story, Lost In The Woods And Money Above Life

JOKE 1 : The War Story

In an English class, the teacher asks students to write an essay.


Question: If you were at war, would you like to write a story about your past experiences?

James probably didn’t write. Confused, the professor went to James’ table and asked him why he wasn’t writing. “I was killed as soon as the war started,” James replied.


JOKE 2: Lost In The Woods

Jack and his two friends (Charles and Leo) are lost in the woods. They stayed there for a few weeks and one day they saw a magical light. Ginny will come out if you shoot her. Genie says, “I can only give you three needs, so anyone can meet that need.” Charles once said: “I miss my family, my wife and my life because I have been imprisoned here for so long. I just want to go home. “Puck !!! Here we go. And Leo thought and said, ‘I don’t want to die here. This place is boring! I want to go home too. “Puck !!! She’s gone. So Jack, who suddenly became very lonely, said, “I want my friends to be here.”


Joke3 : Money Above Life

Leo has had a big accident with his new car. A nearby police officer rushed to the scene and rescued them. “This man’s car hit my car!” This car cost 6 million naira! Now my car is completely lost! The officer shook his head in astonishment. Your hand is severed. “Leo looked up at his bloodied arm and said, ‘Oh my God !!! Where are my gold watch and my ring !! He shouted.




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